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Birthday Cakes

All Mrs Cupcake cakes are home made from a unique recipe. The cupcake recipe is closely guarded and has been passed down through generations in the Mrs Cupcake family. See the cupcake range here. The ingredients are always the finest available and can be altered to accomodate allergies in some cases or for different flavour choices.

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Wedding Cupcakes

These are Mrs Cupcakes best sellers as many brides are opting for a more modern twist instead of a classic wedding cake. Wedding cupcakes can be perfect for alternative or quirky weddings where the couple want a spectacular talking piece for guests. They are also great as a small token for the guests to take home and enjoy afterwards.

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Birthday Cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes are always popular for childrens birthday parties as they are just the right size for children to hold and enjoy. They are also great as they can be themed to match the childs party, such as princess or pirate parties. Or having them as a center piece instead of a traditional birthday cake,which is suitable for all ages.

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